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The 10 Most-Downloaded Apps Of The Decade

The top 10 most downloades and popular apps of the decade include Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Amazon Shopping

Amazon shopping is a very popular and secure online shopping application portal for any products.

Waterbot: Never Lets a Plant Go Thirsty Again

Waterbot is a gardening app that helps periodic watering and monitors the live footage of plants. It saves plants and lives.

Alien Apocalypse

Alien Apocalypse is an exclusive alien game, which you will adore and get stuck to, once you twitch playing. The game is extremely likable and pleasing in nature.

Adventures Story 2

If you want to assemble chocolates and relish completing missions, then download Adventures story 2 on your smart devices and have a fun time with candies.


Ted talks are one of those precise scarce examples of what can transpire if you utilize all the constituents appropriately, at the accurate period, and place.

YOUTUBE: Watch and Upload Videos for Free

The YouTube app has been referred to as the ‘gateway to fame’, as it provides the extraordinary and accessible platform to showcase the hidden talents of numerous individuals. 

Asian food – Healthy recipes

Asian food is one distinctive app, which will not only help you to learn but will also make you fall in love with exotic and delicious Asian dishes and cuisines.

FOODYTV - Next-Generation Food Network

FoodyTV is the need of the hour; the app is capable of becoming your master guide and makes you a better cook. Learn to make delicious mouth-watering dishes.

Tor Browser

Tor, it is a secure open-source browser that helps to protect user data while web browsing. Read this article to know more about the browser before using it in your daily life.

Health Pal – Fitness, Weight Loss Coach, Pedometer

Retain your health in check with Health Pal Fitness- Weight loss coach and Pedometer app. Record your average activities such as walking, exercises, Calories.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, it is a secure platform-independent browser that helps to protect data.


DuckDuckGo, it is a privacy browser that helps to protect data.

Socratic: AI Learning App

Socratic, this learning app comes with free lessons/information with multi-dimension features.

Cooking Channel GO

The Cooking Channel Go app brings you to a new world of cooking. Stream your favorite cooking show regardless of time and place.

Home Workout – No Equipment

It’s the single best calisthenics workout app. The UI is simple and clean. It’s incredibly easy to access.